A Message from Harry

Remembrance and Hope

Memorial Day weekend is upon us.  This is a time to remember sacrifices made, honor lives committed to service, and embrace the hope we hold to as American citizens.

I must confess I like holidays; I like “long weekends”; I enjoy picnics and barbecues.  I like patriotic events and celebrations.  At parades with military units and bands, my heart still beats with excitement and my eyes will sometimes water as “Old Glory” passes by.  Like some in our congregation, I am a military veteran.  I am proud of my 38 years of service to this country.  I love the USA dearly, I freely admit.  But what I truly love (besides the sleepy blue eyed lady in my life and our family), are the moments I get to spend in worship with Christ followers, especially those of you who are part of this St. Luke’s family.  I find myself more thankful every day for the wonderful grace of our Lord that has touched my life.

On this rapidly approaching commemorative weekend, we will have only one worship service at 10:50 on Sunday. “a service of remembrance and hope”.  We will honor those who have given their lives to preserve freedoms we hold so dear, we will ask God’s blessings upon our nation, we will stand side by side in hope that our nation, its citizens and leaders will seek to follow the One who gives us all our freedoms, and above all we will worship . . . Worship our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the One who created us. We will worship with thanksgiving and praise.

It is perfectly okay to feel a sense of national pride even in times of worship. We can be both a patriotic American and a Christian.  But one is infinitely more significant than the other. God is God of all, not the representative of any particular nation, not even such a wonderful one as ours.  In worship, let’s remember that it is our faith that frames our lives, defines the object of our worship, how we live, how we love, how we seek answers to both the great and small things in our lives.  Hope to see you on Sunday as we remember and look forward with hope.