Saturday, August 1, 2020

Life during the past few months has been different and difficult to say the least. As so many people suffer on multiple fronts, we often wonder, “How can I help?” However, we are a praying people who belong to a praying congregation, and as such can always call upon God for help for ourselves and others.

We believe in the power of prayer. So, on Saturday, August, 1, St. Luke’s will have a twenty four hour prayer vigil to pray for people impacted by COVID-19, to pray for peace in our nation and world, and to pray for our church and community.  We ask that you sign up to pray for a designated 30 minute period by clicking HERE.

Or, if you do not have internet capabilities, please call Donna Thurmond at the church office 452-6262, ext. 114, or Lynne McAlexander at 550-3091 so that your name may be added to the sign up.


As you join our prayer vigil, we hope that you will begin by saying this short, simple prayer which is not meant to be all that is prayed for, but rather is only a starting point. May God give you comfort and peace as you pray.

Prayer for Peace and the Pandemic
Good, and gracious God, creator of our beautiful world and everything in it, you are a just, compassionate, and loving God who we call upon to help us in these troubling times. A terrible pandemic is attacking people in our country and throughout the world. Provide your healing touch to help and comfort those affected by this scourge. Help us to each do our part to reduce the spread of the disease. Help the unemployed, the homeless, and the forgotten. Help those fighting the virus to be successful so that those infected can recover and that treatments and vaccines will be developed so this pandemic will come to an end. 

Also, Heavenly Father, we live in a time of tremendous anger and unrest. We call for you to spread justice, fairness, opportunity, and peace to all people regardless of race, religion, sex, ethnicity, economics or education. Protect those who are peacemakers and those who work to keep us safe. We ask you to calm people so that we can work together to live up to the promises  voiced at the founding of our country. We call for you to protect those under attack and to end violence in all its forms. Jesus called us to love our neighbors as ourselves. We pray that you will guide us to ways of loving our neighbors, Help us and all people learn to live together in peace and harmony so that violence will cease throughout our country and the world. Help us to do your will. In Christ holy name we pray. Amen. 

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Date(s) - Aug 1, 2020 until Aug 2 2020
12:00 am