The Forward in Faith team was created to collaboratively engage the church in growing our
St. Luke’s community in meaningful ways.
This is a church wide effort and requires the many talents of all those who are a part of St. Luke’s.

Fellowship Time @ 10:30 AM

Forward in Faith will be assessing the effectiveness of our Fellowship Time between Sunday School and Worship at our next meeting in March. Do you have any thoughts regarding the Fellowship/Donut Time? Does it provide a more natural opportunity to talk to people? Do you feel drawn to connect with folks? And also, please consider how you have or can promote the time within your spheres of influence.

We’re continuing to ask everyone to fully take part in this opportunity by:

-supporting its appeal in attracting children and families;

-embracing it as an ice breaker;

-inviting a Sunday School guest to join you for donuts and coffee;

-keeping your eyes peeled for a visitor who may arrive prior to worship and welcome them in;

-connecting with someone who’s been attending worship but not Sunday School; or

-inviting a new face to join your ministry or small group.

Special Events at St. Luke’s

Our Special Events Coordinator, Heather Peresillin- Deere, has been hard at work at refining our policies and processes, our webpages, and marketing materials with regard to events at St. Luke’s. She’s hosted a number of events of varying sizes thus far and has more on the calendar. Do you know someone who can use a venue for a wedding or meeting or birthday party? Tell them about St. Luke’s and feel free to share her contact info: (901) 452-6262 ext. 101. She’s often out and about so please encourage folks to leave a message and expect a response within 48-hours. We have such a great facility – let’s share it with others!

Look at all the visitors!

Many of you may have noticed – we’ve had many more visitors recently! Let’s keep that momentum going! Will you invite a friend, a neighbor, your hair stylist, a fellow parent at school? It’s often easy to invite someone when specific. For example:

“Would you like to go to Sunday School with me? We’ve been talking about Ephesians and I’ve learned some powerful things that have helped me during the week.”

“Singing in the choir is not only a way to connect with God each week but it’s also a time to connect with some amazing people. Would you like to try it out this Wednesday?”

“Would you like to join me and my family at the Community Easter Egg Hunt?”

“My children attend youth on Sunday – I’d be happy to pick your kids up too and we can go grab coffee while the youth meet”

These types of comments are oftentimes what the Card Committee will write to visitors as a means of connecting. It helps provide a tangible activity to connect with others and it’s something you’re already doing and loving! Check out the Epistle and Event emails for extra ideas.

Coming Up…

Forward in Faith members are currently meeting/scheduled to meet with a few ministries to discuss ways to shake things up and attract visitors. Our next committee meeting is March 25.

Something to Consider

A God Story by Lynne McAlexander

I have never written a “God story” for the Epistle.  However, Sunday was one of those days when God was reminding me that we are all part of His family.  Nearly every week one of our Jr. or Sr. Kindergartners does or says something that lets me know that we are blessed to be among them.  However, this was the kind of Sunday that gets you.  It was a sad, but sweet day in our Sunday School class.  It was sad because it was our last day to have Sam Zhang in our class, but very sweet because of Sam and his family.  Wally and I have enjoyed getting to know Sam and his family over the past months.  The first time I met Sam was at last year’s Children’s Christmas Workshop.  Then he began coming to Light Night and in the spring started coming to Sunday School.  He was a joyful participant in VBS, and has continued coming to St. Luke’s ever since.  Sam is from China and his father who was here with the University of Memphis, has completed his work here.  So, Sam, his parents, and his little brother who was born in Memphis a few months ago will be returning to China this week. When Sam started with us, he couldn’t really understand English and didn’t talk much.  He was always treated so kindly by our sweet group of children.  Over the months, his language skills, and his joy for being a part of the group have blossomed.  He has been a wonderful classmate and I know the other children will miss him as much as Wally and I will. 

When Sam’s father, Wei, brought him to class on Sunday, he said how much he appreciated what everyone at St. Luke’s had done for Sam and that he had brought a present for the church from his family.  The present was a beautiful small Chinese screen that had the title on the outside, “Be Tolerant to Diversity.”  I can’t help but think that Wei thought that this would be something we would treasure and I am certain we will.  I have watched Sam grow and know that he is loved as a child of God.  He has been part of our diverse Sunday School class, and a VBS program that looks a bit like the U.N.  He has seen St. Luke’s people accept all children and all adults from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances.  Surely this diversity is what heaven will look like as well.  The gift of the beautiful screen with such a great sentiment was wonderful.  However the Zhang’s sharing their sweet son with us and our children was the best gift of all.  Our children learned so much from Sam.  They learned that we love people and that even if we can’t understand every single word that we can still communicate in a spirit of love.  They learned that patience is rewarded and that given a little time and help we can always understand each other.  I think Sam also learned from his classmates.  It is my great hope that he will return to China having learned lessons of acceptance and love that he will remember throughout his lifetime.

How lucky we are to be part of God’s Dream here on earth!

The screen is on display in Hospitality Hall

The 2017 fourth quarter Forward in Faith newsletter is here.

Inside you will find the updates of what’s moving forward in faith.

For more information on the Forward in Faith initiative contact Megan Warren –

Forward in Faith Team

The Forward in Faith team wants to make every effort to communicate frequently with our Church family. Look for articles in the Epistle, announcements, quarterly newsletters, Church Council reports, or just talk to us in person.

At this time, we’ve had two newsletters published in the Epistle: January 23 and April 3.  You may link to the most recent one above.

Should you have any questions or ideas for Forward in Faith, please feel free to contact one of the members. The members include the following:

Megan Warren – Director of Community Connections

Phyllis Gay – Chairperson
Members:  Cathy Bowsher, David Hensley,  Joe Witherspoon, Whitley Gurkin, Blake Acree, Janie Hendrix, Clancy Patterson, James Rogers, Carla Taylor – Communications,  Amber Wofford – Finance, Jim McKinney – Pastor

Although the above people meet monthly to discuss moving forward, St. Luke’s – the entire church – is a part of this endeavor. Opinions, feedback, ideas, solutions, prayers from everyone make this committee and the work we are called to do, the best it can be. We all want to see St. Luke’s grow and remain viable in the future and that must include fresh ideas, renewed passions, growing pains, and YOU. We’re thankful for your involvement and your love for St. Luke’s.

Continue to pray constantly for St. Luke’s to be a place where our lives and our community will be transformed. Consistently pray for God to help us carry out the Great Commission and to help people know Christ.