A Message from Pastor Jim

Beyond Easter

After Easter the disciples were huddled in a closed and secured place, enveloped not only by walls and a locked door but also by fear, doubt, and grief.  They knew, by this time, that the tomb was empty and that Peter, John, and Mary had seen the Risen Lord, yet they still huddled in fear.

Can you relate?

The world in which we live is a dark and fearful place. To protect ourselves, we create walls and barriers behind which we hide and cower.  Maybe it is a wall of cynicism or a locked door of escapism that we build to protect ourselves.  Perhaps we arm ourselves not only with weapons that kill but also with weapons of hate and prejudice.  Jesus entered the locked Upper Room, bringing peace and the spirit of forgiveness. Once we believe we are empowered not only for protection but also for joyful action, then we too, through the Resurrected Christ, can unleash to the world the spirit of God’s forgiving love and His peace that surpasses all understanding.

Faithfully, Jim